Welcome to MSES Corrosion Products


The MSES Corrosion Products Division has developed a line of specialty equipment designed specifically to satisfy the challenges of pipeline corrosion testing and monitoring. Built to suit the specific needs of the industry, our equipment is designed and fabricated to be rugged and dependable, and to have a long, useful life. The concepts for the initial design, development and ongoing refinement of our equipment are founded on ideas offered by MSES’ own staff of corrosion/ pipeline integrity/close interval survey/ corrosion management professionals, as well as our valued industry client.

With the advantage of our years of practical experience and our extensive technical knowledge, each prototype is developed from these ideas and put through a rigorous regimen of field trials, under actual conditions, by our own in-house staff of corrosion field professionals. Thus, the equipment prototypes progress into their final form, with this refinement based on the practical experience and feedback of actual users of the equipment. After satisfying all of our stringent field testing and reliability requirements, the equipment is then put into regular use by MSES’ corrosion field staff and is offered for sale to the general public.