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Accurate monitoring of corrosion rates in any pipeline environment is critical when viewed in terms of the integrity management, maintenance, and repair costs associated with corrosion and possible material failure. Weight loss coupons provide an inexpensive means of in-line monitoring that will allow for an effective measure of the corrosivity within a given pipeline system. By observing mils per year corrosion rate of an exposed weight loss coupon, valuable information can be provided regarding the pipeline system’s internal corrosion rates. MSES Corrosion Products Division provides complete weight loss coupon kits that include a pre-weighed coupon, client return, cleaning, after exposure weight, analysis and reporting of mils per year corrosion rate. Other weight loss coupon services include pitting rates, micro-pitting rates, surface bacteria analysis and microscopic analysis.

MSES Corrosion Products Division provides complete microscopic analysis for coupons by our stereo microscope, metallurgical microscope and epifluorescence microscope (EM coupons).